Goddess Retreat

Women’s Wellness May 26th-28th, 2023

Reconnect, Rewild & Rebirth

I invite you to join me on a journey to RECONNECT, REWILD, and REBIRTH with the Great Mother Goddess during a three day Women’s Wellness Retreat being held this May 26-28th 2023 in the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia!


On this journey, you will be united with a sisterhood and seekers – seeking those lost and fractured parts of yourselves, those parts that you have hidden away or seeking the ancient mysterious of the Goddesses and our Divine Feminine, as it stirs deep within us.


For some of us, that stirring is unknown. We feel it awakening, perhaps it’s a feeling of being disconnected, lost? For others, it’s a deep dissatisfaction  or disenchantment. However, it shows up in your life, it has led you HERE to a place of  seeking, healing, and connection!


Welcome seekers. Welcome sisters.


During the three days, we will be delving deep into the feminine mysteries. With specialized workshops and ceremonies, we will explore , reconnect, and REWILD through the Mother Goddess: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Through  her, we discover ourselves, our journey through childhood, motherhood, and wisdom. A journey that as  left us fractured and abandoning aspects and parts of ourselves along the way.


These are the aspects and parts we have lost or sacrificed to fit it to our family, our society, the box we put ourselves in to be a good little girl! To be a good daughter, good sister, wife and mother. Without those labels, without that small box, we put ourselves in, what do we have left?


Who are we?


Shattering that box, reclaiming our true nature, and remembering the Divine Feminine spark that lives in each one of us, is your call home!


This is a journey worth taking. Do you hear that call?


Join me in the spring for a life-changing weekend.


We will be participating in Shamanic journeying to connect with the Inner Child, finding that little girl and inviting her back into your life.








We’ll engage in time to play, to express yourself freely with wonder and excitement.


We will be learning to play again and creating a beautiful Expressive  Inner Child art piece.


We will connect with the Wild Woman during the REWINDING workshop. Learning to let go and connect with the primal, raw fire we have suppressed!


We’ll unveil the “wounded womb,” sensuality,  sexuality and dark waters of our unconscious. Looking at how society, family, and beliefs have shaped and suppressed us. How trauma, shaming, and expectations have dampened the fire inside us – snuffing out the wild in us!


Time to reignite that fire!


We will make our way to a secluded beach and build a fire as we build that fire within ourselves.  We will dance, drum, and connect with the fire of the wild women. Release, heal, and howl at the moon! Are you ready for rewild ?


The Mother Goddess workshop has us create our own Goddess talisman while learning the teachings of Mother Goddess. How these teachings have been lost and with them we have lost our true self. Lost the  wisdom, connection with nature , other women and ourselves.  We will learn how to connect and integrate the Divine Feminine and feel whole once again!


Gathering in our sacred circle we will Integrate the Divine Feminine energies with a Heart-Centered Cacao Ceremony and Journey with Mother Cacao! This is a powerful ceremony, heart filling, and a deeply healing process!


We will ground the healing and energetic releasing in nature surrounded by the untamed eastern shores of beautiful Nova Scotia, secluded forest trails, picturesque beaches and pristine waterfalls will all be part of this unforgettable experience the weekend has to offer.


Other ceremonial activities will include:


Cleansing water ritual in the waterfall


Time to journal and take walks in the woods


Gaze at the night sky that is not clouded by the city lights!


The wilding awaits you.


Your sisterhood awaits you.


I await you…


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Goddesses Retreat
with Tonya Steinborn

A Journey Worth Taking

Rebirth, Rewild with the Great Mother Goddess

The Inner Child

Due to the size of the retreat, accommodations for this retreat will be in two motels.

Slippery Oyster Motel & Restaurant


Weekend Workshops & Activities​​

Shamanic Journeying to Connect with the Inner Child


Create a Beautiful Expressive Art Project


Inner Child


Wild Woman Fire Ceremony


Heal your Sacred VOICE with Somatic Movement


Healing the Mother Wound & Ancestral Trauma


Shamanic Breathwork with Sound Healing


Forest Bathing Cocoa Ceremony


Sacred Sharing Circles


Water Cleansing Ceremony


Time for Journaling and Meditation


Walks on the Beach


Relax Around a Fire


Relax in the Outdoor Hot Tub

Goddess Retreat

May 26-28 2023

I invite you to join me on a journey to RECONNECT, REWILD, and REBIRTH with the Great Mother Goddess during a three day Women’s Wellness Retreat being held this May 26-28th 2023...

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