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Cord Cutting & Releasing Ceremony

April 2, 2023




April 2, 2023

Cord Cutting & Releasing Ceremony

There are many of us struggling with letting go of the mental & emotional energetic charge around relationships with people, places and things.


What about those patterns and blocks to creating life with ease even around money?


With all those stories, belief systems and limited points of view that are no longer serving us, or anyone else for that matter taking up so much space in our field, creating way too much ‘noise’ and mind chatter… no wonder we are still stuck and attached to the ‘thing’! And THAT uses up a lot of our energy!


When there is a sudden or unexpected ending, we can be left with unresolved emotions or attachments that we have difficulty processing and moving on from… especially when it is a situation of ‘what the poo just happened?’


How do we release, heal and allow closure when there doesn’t seem to be one?


Cord cutting & Releasing Ceremony


The practice of cord cutting is an ancient spiritual ceremony with roots dating back to many different cultures and religions. The origins of the practice are uncertain, but it is believed to have originated in ancient Sumerian civilization. It is believed that the practice of cord cutting may have been used as a way to symbolically move on from the past and create a new beginning.


Today, cord cutting is often seen as a symbolic way to release disturbed energy, break unhealthy patterns, and create a fresh start. It is not necessarily about kicking someone or something out of our lives, that is separation not Oneness. What if we released and let go of our attachments, our judgments of the thing being right or wrong so we could see what is actually beyond all that? This is being present with what is and making healthier choices based on wisdom.


The cord cutting ceremony is often accompanied by visualization, chanting, or prayer to help the person make a connection with the divine within all things, all beings and to help them move forward in life.


Candle Magic for Cord Cutting


Candle magic is a popular form of cord cutting, and is a powerful tool that can help us to let go of our old patterns and habits. This creates more space for new energy and something totally different to emerge!


When we perform cord cutting, we are symbolically cutting the energetic ties that bind us to ‘stuff’, those things in our lives that seem to be on a loop, repeating itself over and over… playing itself out again and again.


No matter the source, we can use cord cutting to help us move on from these sources, bless them and create a fresh start.


By using candle magic, we are using the power of transformation and fire to symbolically change our relationship to these sources that no longer contribute, to anyone!



In person Event Fee $63



* Materials

* Wisdom sharing circle

* Handout with instructions for you to use this tool anytime

* Tea & Snack

* Ho’oponopono blessed water


IF you have a drum or any type of instrument that makes noise, please bring those as well for the opening of our sacred circle.


Live Stream Event Fee $36 ( No Replay )


*You will be emailed a list of the materials needed and provided with the live stream link for you to attend.


Registration is required to reserve your spot


*** None refundable if canceled less then 72 hours***


Contact Tonya Steinborn to register at


Cord Cutting & Releasing Ceremony

With Tonay Steinborn & Kim Coleman


Monthly Event 2023

Singing Bowls & BreathWork

BreathWork is the process of intentionally altering the rhythm, rate, or depth of breathing to promote greater balance, wellness, and focus. By using tools like breath holds, breathing in a specific pattern, or other techniques to influence the way we breathe, we can regulate our own nervous system and manage stress, anxiety, and pain. BreathWork can also be an effective complement for meditation and yoga practice to help us reach deeper states of relaxation.


During the BreathWork, you will experience a state of bliss and be able to express a wide range of emotions, including full-on “howling laughter.”


When it’s complete, you will immediately be bathed in a fully immersive sound healing. Vibrations will move through your being with ease after doing the work to release trauma during the breathwork.


A bonus of all of this is you do not have to relive your trauma to release it, it naturally comes out from the experience.


You will leave with a newly aligned state of being and a closer connection to your highest self.


Benefits of Breathwork:


  •  Enhance your journey of self-discovery

  •  Tap into your subconscious

  •  Utilize innate healing wisdom

  •  Unblock past trauma

  •  Blood becomes more alkaline

  •  Benefits of Sound Meditation:

  •  Reduces stress and anxiety

  •  Immediate centering effect

  •  Mood enhancement

  •  Produces beneficial brain wave changes

  •  Activates energy centers for a deep sense of awareness and    re-connection.


Breathing therapy has the potential to bring about intense feelings. Because of the strong physical and emotional releases that may arise, it’s not recommended for some people.


Talk to your doctor before practicing this type of breathing if you have a history of:


  • cardiovascular disease

  • angina

  • heart attack

  • high blood pressure

  • glaucoma

  • osteoporosis

  • recent injury or surgery

  • any condition for which you take regular medications

  • history of panic attacks, psychosis, or disturbances

  • mental health issues

  • seizure disorders

  • pregnant


Most people practice the technique without any adverse side effects and come out with a sense of in-tuned blissful heightened sense of self. Combined with sound therapy it can provide a broadly balanced form of healing.

Tonya Steinborn & Crystal Inness

Beautiful Sounds and High-Frequency Vibrations

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